The Hut skate and snow shop

The news has already spread like wildfire. The hut has closed its doors for good on St. Patricks day of 2011. After a few days of bingeing deeper into a state of intoxication, I've found myself suddenly absorbing all of the memories this shop has brought me. When Gerber called me 4 years ago asking if I was interested in riding for the shop I felt as if Prince just had picked me for a game of basketball. I mean these dudes were god like to young kids and to ride for them was one of the biggest privileges I've ever been dealt. I then had the opportunity to work with all of them about a year ago. Soon after I started, we were forced to move out of the Wayzata location due to Schuler Shoes offering a ridiculous sum of money for the entire strip mall. This is when shit hit the fan. With poor planning and insufficient funds the hut's burial had already begun before we were moved in. This hole quickly turned into a funeral once spring 2011 hit. With no money or product The Hut as well as the Sports Hut were forced to shut their doors indefinitely. so fuck money and fuck Schuler Shoes, you're shoes are over priced and shitty anyway. fuckers.
The last drink at the shop. 

Gerber, Brenden, and Scott, watch ya step kid

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