join or die

probably already posted this and yet no fucks are given.
you can't even ride this rad on your lame normal sized board.

secret neighborhood

sf footage never gets old

thrasher yo

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Brit bikes.


makes me miss mn

Support Local.

This is my new job. I sell snow and skate shit by occupation and make flyers for enjoyment. Come buy some shit or just drink whatever the baby boomers bring. Gear West fools

dude is nuts.

kickflip fakie pole jam killed me

a treat.

Night of the living dead

a must see.

i work at a strip club

so it's halloween year round for me.
go out there and get slutty.

trauma skateboards : La deca-danse from TRAUMA on Vimeo.

DF find

found this penis loving df gem on our bike trek from northeast mpls to saint paul. Someone out there know's what's up!

just a video.

testing out my new camera.

Dan's bobber.

My roommate dan has been building this BSA A65 chopper for a little over six months, piece by piece. It's now finished and terrorizing the streets of SF.
For example the first five miles this bike was driven there was almost two accidents within a minute of each other. Ride hard you flying tiger.





sick video from the bay area.

CRETE'N from Simon Chan on Vimeo.

bums life

we out here like a bugs life.

the essence of living at 3030

time travel

Fucking Rad!

a unique perspective at the st cloud plaza

with DF's Joey peterson and homie preston witte

homies went to hood

we didn't get to go except for joey (fucker)
sick edit by lucas the mighty


burtle teans