niggas bleed

My Camera lasts this many runs until it runs out of battery on a 30 degree day.

Mr. Lutheran

Merry Christmas Fuckers

From all your douchefag enemys

real bad tits

We've got haters!

whomever this blogger is thank you and from all the douchefag love we can muster a big FUCK YOU!
(nothing personal we hate everyone)

now here's some tits we thought you'd like

Random word to make you hipper!

this months random word is

DickBroom: this one should be pretty self explanatory.

can you spot the dickbrooms?

Shred Till Your Dead!

November 26 2010 - November 26 2010 01:00 PM
Zombie Boardshop and Buck Hill will once again be hosting the Shred Til You're Dead contest on November 26th. This will be the sixth year this contest has been held so you know it is a good time. The registration starts at 11:30am and the shredding will begin at 1pm. The cost is $20 to enter and you can get a registration form on Buck Hill's site. Check out the flyer.

"the movie"

All the demons ghouls and goblins will be there and so should you

Rookie Status Premiere Friday

come check it out we got DFs own joey peterson and TRSs jesse paul!

cult status